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United Kingdom

Lost - Pigeon - PIDGE


Lost: 2011-09-21

Chertsey, Surrey, United Kingdom, UK


Contact: Paula Hanson - 07901001000

He looks just like any other pigeon but is very tame and will answer to his name PIDGE

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Closest 13 Report(s)

- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F2152
Location: Edgware, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 1120
Notes: Found in the burnt oak /deansbrook area not saying what it is, lost a parro ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F2272
Location: Wendover, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 1070
Notes: Think its a female australian king parrot. It sat on our apple tree for thr ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F3250
Location: Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 931
Notes: unknown, small yellow and believe saw orange on front (only maybe) budgie, ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F5850
Location: Acton, London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 774
Notes: Unfortunately this bird had been killed by a cat.
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F8012
Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 572
Notes: This is NOT an April Fool joke - sighting of an escaped toucan in the Henfi ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F8460
Location: London Borough of Brent, Greater London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 539
Notes: found at willesden green library
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F10660
Location: Luton, Luton, United Kingdom
Days Found: 425
Notes: orange headed
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F11769
Location: Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 331
Notes: Grey parrot has been in the tree in my garden for past week.
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F13517
Location: Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 182
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F13665
Location: South Ockendon, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 177
Notes: green parrot looking bird with red tint on head, scrambling for food in my ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F14336
Location: London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 136
Notes: Flying around Monkfrith Way Southgate London N14 5LX
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F15020
Location: Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom
Days Found: 100
Notes: Two parrots yellow green
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F15469
Location: Bushey, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 71
Notes: I have found a green parrot. The parrot is safe and health until the owner ...