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United Kingdom

Lost - Pionus - Coco


Lost: 2011-11-28

Camberwell, Southwark, Greater London, United Kingdom, UK

Name: Coco

Contact: Lucy Kerr - 02072524058 / 07534404797

coco is a pionus maximiliani green parrot with red under tail markings some small white feathers around the head he was born june29th this year he has bright green flight feathers big lovely eyes coco went missing in south east london in the are of peckham he is ringed and one othere distictive mark only owner or breeder would know

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Closest 13 Report(s)

- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F3250
Location: Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 845
Notes: unknown, small yellow and believe saw orange on front (only maybe) budgie, ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Location: Acton, London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 688
Notes: Unfortunately this bird had been killed by a cat.
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F7575
Location: Kent, United Kingdom
Days Found: 526
Notes: **** Two green parrots have been perched in a tree next to the St.John Fals ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F8012
Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 486
Notes: This is NOT an April Fool joke - sighting of an escaped toucan in the Henfi ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Location: London Borough of Brent, Greater London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 453
Notes: found at willesden green library
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F10660
Location: Luton, Luton, United Kingdom
Days Found: 339
Notes: orange headed
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F11359
Location: Pitsea, Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 285
Notes: A rossela or lori or something similar to that type mainly red in colour bu ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F11769
Location: Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 245
Notes: Grey parrot has been in the tree in my garden for past week.
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F13497
Location: Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 98
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F13517
Location: Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 96
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F13665
Location: South Ockendon, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 91
Notes: green parrot looking bird with red tint on head, scrambling for food in my ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F14336
Location: London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 50
Notes: Flying around Monkfrith Way Southgate London N14 5LX
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F15020
Location: Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom
Days Found: 14
Notes: Two parrots yellow green