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South Africa

Lost - Indian Ringneck Parakeet - Willow


Lost: 2011-07-10

Johannesburg, Gauteng, GP, South Africa, ZA

Name: Willow

Contact: Andre - 011 4023160 / 0761478718

We moved two birds from town to Bramley high street on June 30th. 1 cockatiel and 1 Indian ring neck. The owner visited cape town and left the birds in the care of a tenant on the premises who had been on the premises for 2 years. While in Cape Town the Tenant called the owner and said the cockatiel had suddenly just died >when the owner of the bird returned she asked where the bird was buried or kept and the tenant was very cagey and did not want to give a straightfoward answer,The owner of the bird put this down to the tenant no wanting to upset the owner> 2 days after returning the owner of the birds returned home to find that the Ring neck was gone. Foe the bird to have gotten away it would have had to climb off cage , walked out the door into the lounge, climbed a curtain to an open window jumped out the open window walked across along stretch of garden and out the front gate.Wings clipped.The circumstances of the 2 birds sudden demise and dissapearence has been very puzzling. If anyone would know of birds being sold or offered by a person in the last week even if YOU are the person who purchased a cockatiel and ring neck a reward is offered that will compensate for your purchase and no questions asked except we ask that you tell us how the bird came into your possession so we can use the information not to prosecute anyone but to be forewarned of what to expect and protect the birds against it happening again. Thank you

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