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United States

Lost - Quaker - Zim

Lost: 2011-04-13

Grand Prairie, Texas, TX, United States, US

Name: Zim

Contact: Devon Smith - 4693863531

Our Quaker Parrot Zim flew off when I took his cage outside to get some fresh air on Wednesday. I went to put his bird bath in the cage which scared him and he flew off. He attempted to get back to me a few times but it was so windy that he just got carried away with the wind each time until we eventually lost track of him. Zim is Green with some blue on his wings and has had missing feathers around his neck since we got him. He makes more of a squeaking soud than a squawk or chirp, sound different than any of the native birds around here that I know of so you cant miss it. If you see or hear him please contact me as soon as possible.

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