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  • Reported Stolen: 195
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Welcome to

US is a FREE international geographical Lost, Stolen and Found Bird / Parrot reporting and alerting site.

ParrotAlert utilises mapping technology to help you report the precise report location of a Lost, Found or Stolen Parrot / Bird and enables our system to check and alert on possible matches.

When you submit a report via, ParrotAlert automatically generates a high visibility PDF flyer/poster of your report and automatically cross posts the report to social media platforms, thus eliminating the need to spend time on-line when you could be distributing flyers, searching and networking off-line.

Even if you search our database and a matching report isn't available, we recommend submitting a report, and we'll send an alert when a possible match appears in our database.

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Our sister site is now available for reporting all Lost and Found Pets; Dogs, Cats, Rabbits etc:


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Like is our new All Pet Lost and Found Site

We've launched an all pet edition of called

CritterAlert builds on what we’ve achieved with ParrotAlert and is available in the same countries for Lost and Found Pet Reporting and Alerting.

If you have an existing account, you can use it to login to CritterAlert and vice versa, as it uses the same underlying system. The only difference is, ParrotAlert will remain exclusively for Birds and Parrots where CritterAlert is available for all pets (including birds).

If you've Lost or Found a Dog, Cat, Rabbit etc.. you can now report via

We'll be adding new functionality incrementally over the coming weeks which both site will inherently get.


Never give up hope on finding your lost pet parrot or bird

A story on why you should never give up hope on finding your lost pet parrot or bird, even when all hope appears lost and you stop looking.

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Global Parrots and more is a Phishing Scam Pet Website

Global Parrots and more ( is operating an online fraudulent phishing scam pet website targeting people seeking to buy pet parrots.

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African Grey Global Trade Banned by CITES

Global trade in African Grey parrots is now banned, after the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) voted to officially ban it.

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Parrot Microchipping Surgical Procedure

A video of a Sun Conure Parrot undergoing a Microchip surgical implantation procedure

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Taking your parrot outside & keeping your bird safe outdoors

Parrot owners often underestimate the risks of taking their bird or parrot outside.

We'll cover the risks and provide tips on keeping your birds safe, which will help reduce the chance of your parrot escaping.

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