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African Grey Global Trade Banned by CITES

Global trade in African Grey parrots is now banned, after the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) voted to officially ban it.

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Parrot Microchipping Surgical Procedure

A video of a Sun Conure Parrot undergoing a Microchip surgical implantation procedure

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Taking your parrot outside & keeping your bird safe outdoors

Parrot owners often underestimate the risks of taking their bird or parrot outside.

We'll cover the risks and provide tips on keeping your birds safe, which will help reduce the chance of your parrot escaping.

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Found Parrot Phishing Scam

There have been reports within the UK that scammers are currently targeting people by text and email stating they have found their lost parrot.

The trick of the found parrot scam is to emotionally blackmail you into handing over a reward before they would allow its return.

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Free Flying Macaw Parrot - Dot Schwarz's Benni

A short video about a part-time free flying macaw parrot benni.

It's a beautiful sight to see something so natural for a bird of such beauty.

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