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United States

Lost - Cockatiel - Beaker


Lost: 2012-12-27

Seattle, Washington, WA, United States, US

Name: Beaker

Contact: Carley - 206-805-9450

My cockatiel got out Thursday 12/27 at 12pm. Flew out from 22nd & Yesler up Yesler towards 23rd, also seen looping south towards Judkins. Could be anywhere in greater Seattle area or even further as his wings are unclipped and these birds can fly miles. Probably he is nearby as his flying has been limited to short bursts inside house. Let me know asap if you see him or even if you just have any experience finding lost birds. If seen even for just a second, please call,text or email ASAP any time of day 24/7 (two oh six) 805-9450. Reward if found!

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