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United Kingdom

Lost - Conure - Dooni


Lost: 2011-09-30

St Asaph, Clwyd, United Kingdom, UK

Name: Dooni

Contact: Ali - 01745 530167 / 07739937586

Lost around Tan-y-Bryn road area, St Asaph, Denbighshire, Wales. 4 month old conure. Only been out in the garden a couple of times with him. He's pretty tame and usually sits on our shoulder. But was startled and flew off. It was around 6pm, and since he sleeps around 7pm, we're hoping he didn't get too far. He's not had a lot of flying experience outside the house and since he's still very young, terribly worried for him. Please contact if you spot, catch, or find him. You will be rewarded.

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