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United Kingdom

Lost - Senegal


Lost: 2011-11-20

Newport, Gwent, United Kingdom, UK

Contact: Haydn Wiltshire - 07557 344065

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Closest 10 Report(s)

- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F9421
Location: Kenfig Hill, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Days Found: 618
Ref #: F9686
Location: Southwick, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 603
Notes: landed on a gentlemen s shoulder in his garden near southwick (near trowbri ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F10270
Location: Bristol, South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 576
Notes: parrot in box, flew into widow. help bristol
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F10620
Location: Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom
Days Found: 558
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F11362
Location: Chewton Mendip, Somerset, United Kingdom
Days Found: 498
Notes: I have only sighted this parrot in a tree opposite my house
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F12570
Location: Shirehampton, Bristol, City of Bristol, United Kingdom
Days Found: 391
Notes: It's currently in a tree in a neighbours garden
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F13820
Location: Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 292
Notes: SIGHTED possible Rosella, not confirmed
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F15147
Location: Congresbury, North Somerset, United Kingdom
Days Found: 219
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F15418
Location: Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 202
Notes: Two birds spotted at Ruskin Mill, Harley wood, Nailsworth. One is Yellow an ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F17094
Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 78
Notes: Green Parrot. Found Gloucester area.