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United Kingdom

Lost - Budgerigar - Blue Boy Or Bluey


Lost: 2012-01-17

London, London Borough of Lewisham, United Kingdom, UK

Name: Blue Boy Or Bluey

Contact: Jon - 02076396865 / 07939841581

Male Dark Blue Budgie very friendly loves to sit on your shoulder I hadnt relised he was on my shoulder when I backed out of my aviary it was too late then, he just flew, and within 2-3 hours it would have been dark

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Closest 15 Report(s)

- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F3250
Location: Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 1107
Notes: unknown, small yellow and believe saw orange on front (only maybe) budgie, ...
Ref #: F4244
Location: London, City of Westminster, United Kingdom
Days Found: 1042
Notes: Green budgie with yellow head and distinct brown/ black markings on face an ...
Ref #: F4246
Location: Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 1042
Notes: Yellow budgie found in Salerno Way, Chelmsford, near Melbourne Park. Safe ...
Ref #: F4542
Location: Chatham, Medway, United Kingdom
Days Found: 1030
Notes: Budgie found in Medway, Kent
Ref #: F4945
Location: South Croydon, Greater London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 1002
Notes: Tame budgie coming to my bird table in Selsdon in Surrey
Ref #: F5013
Location: Loughton / Epping, Essex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 999
Notes: White budgie
Ref #: F5167
Location: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Days Found: 998
Ref #: F5314
Location: London, London Borough of Haringey, United Kingdom
Days Found: 981
Notes: Yellow/Green Budgerigar found. Brought in by my cat. Budgie is okay apart ...
Ref #: F6084
Location: Chingford, London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 960
Ref #: F5851
Location: Holloway, London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 951
Notes: Yellow, some black feathers on head & green on back (under wings). Very fr ...
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Location: Acton, London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 950
Notes: Unfortunately this bird had been killed by a cat.
Ref #: F6085
Location: Chingford, London, United Kingdom
Days Found: 930
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F7575
Location: Kent, United Kingdom
Days Found: 788
Notes: **** Two green parrots have been perched in a tree next to the St.John Fals ...
Ref #: F7777
Location: Esher, Surrey, United Kingdom
Days Found: 776
Notes: Blue budgie with white wings
- Unknown / Not Listed -
Ref #: F8012
Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom
Days Found: 748
Notes: This is NOT an April Fool joke - sighting of an escaped toucan in the Henfi ...