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Stolen Cockatoo



Friday August 23rd 2013

Oakland, California, US


MISSING (re-homed without consent!): Female Umbrella Cockatoo, "Bella" 4 years old. Please help me find my sweet Booey (Bella-boo)! I have raised this bird since she was handled, only a few weeks old. I got her with my ex-girlfriend and we raised her together. When we broke up we both continued to be her parents but had long since agreed that ultimately one day, Bella would be with me full time. I love this bird to death.. and I know that she loves me too. My ex-gave her away... Literally just handed her off one day and never told me. I was supposed to be taking Bella back weeks ago, and expected Lisah call but she never did. I believe she mentioned some family who takes in rescue birds.. In a prior conversation she was somewhere in Point Reyes, with a family that had two African Greys. It may be the same people, but maybe not. I just, sadly have no reliable information to go off of, and she won't answer my calls. If you know of anyone that recently took in a "rescue" umbrella cockatoo, it is possible that it was a big misunderstanding. I, personally am sincerely sorry about this, although had I had any say this wouldn't have happened. She briefly mentioned the idea before to me. And I said I wasn't comfortable with that. I said Bella and I would be perfectly fine, (she was leaving the country for a year - is currently abroad). Apparently rather than work something out she went behind my back. Bella is my bird, not hers. It could be argued that Bella was "shared," but in a partnership like parenthood, I believe good communication is sort of a necessity, and this was a complete lack there of. Bella /was/ fully flighted last time I saw her (the last week of August), which was at my home in Oakland. She doesn't not have any unusual markings, possibly a very small stain on her back but I believe it's gone now) She says (although difficult to make out) "I love you" "I love you too" "I really love you" "what??" "Okay!" "Hiiii" she is very expressive, even for a cockatoo. When you're having a conversation with her and she want your full attention she'll sometimes get a little sassy, hitting her beak on the ground or something, my impression is that it's like she's saying "hey! I'm talking - and I'm right about whatever in saying so there!" A total teenager... Not terribly rebellious, she loves to chew. But that has been channelled mostly in healthy ways.. She's all in all quite well behaved, she used to go to the bathroom only on her cage, but when I moved I had to re-train her so if she's in a new home with a new cage she probably doesn't know better by herself. She often (if fed the "trix" style zupreen pellets) will omit one color every few days... She'll eats all but yellow, three days later it's everything but the orange, etc.. Just trying to think of any quirks since she looks pretty ordinary.. I am sure she would recognize me, she always has. Even after a couple weeks at the pet store over the holidays. It kills me to think she may be waiting for me right now, wondering what is taking me so long. Please help me find her. She is so precious and means the world to me. I will buy you another cockatoo if you give her back, or pay you cash, or do pro-bono graphic design for you... Thank you for reading, Garrett Remes 651-233-0956 East Oakland - Near the Colosseum