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African Grey Global Trade Banned by CITES

We've just heard that the Global trade in African Grey parrots is now banned, after the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) meeting in early October in Johannesburg voted to ban the global commercial trade of the parrot.

Apparently, the African Grey will be promoted to CITES "Appendix 1" giving it the highest level of protection as it's now ranked an endangered species. Depending on local country law, for example in the UK, you won't be able to just a buy or sell an African grey unless you have the paperwork that complies with DEFRA Article 10.

See: Defra Article 10

This will mean that if you want to sell your pet African Grey or buy one, the seller must have the Defra approved paperwork to permit the sale.

We're doing more research into the ins and outs of this and when it comes into force.

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