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Lost and Found

Articles on subjects relating to Lost and Found Birds / Parrots

Lost Parrot reunited by Police via ParrotAlert after 911 call

TV NEWS Report from Troy, MI, USA.

A lost parrot lands on a man shoulder filling up at a gas station.

The man called 911 for police assistance and police locate the owner via their lost report.

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Never give up hope on finding your lost pet parrot or bird

A story on why you should never give up hope on finding your lost pet parrot or bird, even when all hope appears lost and you stop looking.

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Parrot Microchipping Surgical Procedure

A video of a Sun Conure Parrot undergoing a Microchip surgical implantation procedure

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Proactive Tips in case of Parrot Loss

A few proactive tips for you, in case you lose your bird.

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