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Found Parrot Phishing Scam

This has been happening in the UK past couple of days, but also generally applies to everyone else in the world as the same tactics are often applied.

We've been getting feedback of scammers targeting people in the UK that have lost parrots, they've been contacting their targets via email via other lost and found sites in the UK (via their email feedback facility). It's not been happening via parrotalert as we don't provide email feedback. If they text your number, they'll ask you to email them back, yet they'll never call to communicate with you directly.

They email you to say we have your parrot and are asking for £350 reward, as their boyfriend (who apparently has gone away) won't let the parrot go unless the owner sends £350 via "western union" as they want it to go to the proper owner... their justification you are the owner.

Then when you ask for photos as proof, they tell you they are disabled and don't have a camera and the stress too much for them as it is... they're using guilt diversion tactics.

The person operating this phishing scam is using a "gmail" address under the alias Becca. (likely to change name)

These phishing scammers are preying on people that have lost birds, using disabilities as tools to prey on your vulnerable mindset and have you believing you won't get your bird back, unless you prove to them that you are the owner by sending them £350 via the ultimate scammers means of money transfer... western union.

It's no different to the courier scam, they say we have your bird and if you pay £150 we'll courier it back... or we are leaving to go overseas to live and can't take our macaw with us, so it's free to a good home, just send us £150 and we'll courier it to you.. you are never allowed to visit and pick them up... they're all nonexistent birds.

If you are aware of any current scams in operation, please let us know.

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