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SCAM ALERT - - Macaw Parrots Farm

We've been informed of another Parrot Scam website, which appears to be using an address in Los Angeles, California, USA and Area code in San Bernardino, California, USA

Site goes by the name "Macaw Parrots Farm" (Macaw Parrots For Sale - Hand Raised macaws - Macaw Parrots Farm) via the website domain: on the following number: +1 (909) 276-5604 / 909-276-5604

The victim has reported that they've fallen victim to the scam and lost $500.

Note from the victim of this scam:

I thought I was buying from a reputed breeder. Macaw parrots farm say it is based in Los Angles he scammed $500 from me and then said we are good for delivery. When I was chasing the. Delivery he said I have to pay another $800 for insurance and safety of the bird and only then I would get delivery. The way he has conducted the demand blackmailing next and not giving me a refund refusing to meet up or pick the parrot up he would t listen. I have all the texts. I don’t think I will get a refund but I need to report it as he has other adverts on multiple site. Web site is he had so many cash app tags and multiple paypal accounts.

The site is operating under the usual traits for a scam site.

After checking, the domain came into existence on December 27th, 2018 and uses an address in downtown LA: 210 W 5th St. Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA - they don't reside at this location. If you try to arrange to order a parrot to pick up, they say they only do deliveries.

There is an old saying: "Seeing is believing", if you can't see it, don't believe it. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

To avoid being scammed, never purchase a pet parrot from an online pet shop website or any advert website, no matter how good it sounds. Many pet shops do have an online presence, if they are online, ensure they are a registered business and have a valid business address that you can arrange to visit.
Never make any payment online, even if you are requested to pay a deposit to reserve a pet.
A good indicator if all isn't as it appears is when you try and arrange to view the pet in person, and the seller suddenly makes excuses to avoid visitation.

If you can't see it, don't believe it.

Buyer beware!

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